# 1 - Cake Topper

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Here is our number one “1” cake topper! You can use it on its own, or combine it with another of our single digit number range to create a new number combination. This reusable cake topper is based on original hand lettering by the artist and is handcrafted with laser assistance in Canada. Single digit numbers are sold separately.

Size: Approx. 1.3" wide. Spike is 0.25" wide and approx. 3" long from the lowest point of lettering/artwork.

Materials: Topper prices differ depending on material choice. To make a material choice and display the price, please use the drop down menu above to make your selection.

  • Available in: Wood – Baltic Birch, Acrylic – Black, and as our stacked toppers in Acrylic – Gold Mirror, Silver Mirror, and Gold Glitter.
    • Note: Stacked toppers are one sided. The backing of the mirrored acrylic is grey and will be visible on the back side of mirrored acrylic toppers.

Processing Time: Cake toppers are generally made to order and each material requires different finishing methods. Although we always like to get things to you early, standard processing for this cake topper is 1-3 weeks (not including shipping time).

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Photography Credit (cupcake) - Ashley Harrison Photography