Hanging Chair Signs - Groom

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Our beautiful Baltic Birch wood "Groom" signs are made in Canada and feature the artist's original hand lettering and are a great touch to your event decor! We also have a matching "Bride" design. Both designs are sold individually to allow you to order any combination that would best suit your celebration. The hanging signs can be hung from the back of a chair or displayed in another way at your celebration - fishing line has been used in the included images, but you can also use a fancier ribbon for a different effect, or even command strips or strong double-sided tape to adhere them to a wall (you should always test out beforehand)! 

"Groom" Size: Approx. 10" wide. (Note: "Bride" and "Groom" signs are to scale with one another.)

Materials: These signs currently come in Wood – Baltic Birch, but if you are looking for one of our other material options please get in touch through our Contact page to discuss!

Processing Time: Signs are made to order. Although we always like to get things to you early, standard processing for these signs are 1-3 weeks (not including shipping time).

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